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Dear BUDOKAS friends

A difficult year has just ended. Filled with violence!

2023 also brings some highlights and according to our memories this year will leave everyone to appreciate. For our mental health, let's only remember the good times.

The madness of men to wage fratricidal wars is still present.

Thus, over time, destruction and murder have filled the history of humanity.

How many tears flowed from the eyes and hearts of mothers and fathers.

Experiencing the departure of children to war, seeing death and violence on a daily basis through our TV screen is terrible.

Our judgments, our speeches, are always turned towards our selfishness, seeing only our little person, our little worries, our little world that we highlight in order to justify our poorly thought-out actions.

Then there are our passions which allow us to put things in life into perspective. Our passions that keep us in balance so of course we suppress our “Self”.

Our passions like the practice of BUDO which allows us to stay in balance so of course we have this ability to let go.

There are two states of mind that allow us to keep a cool head, to let go and control our EGO.

In the practice of BUDO these two states of mind allow us to see above the wall this marvelous panorama which makes us appreciate the path we are traveling.

This little word is said, be confident in your sensei and respect for their mission, which is to teach us the path in all humility.

Happy New Year 2024 Excellent practice


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