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2021-2022 Sport season news letter

Dernière mise à jour : 5 mars 2022

In this new season which begins, many challenges are still present.

I will not talk about this epidemic that sticks to our skin but I would like to make you think about one point.

"the way of the warrior"

The code of honor and morals which are the engine of martial arts.

The task of everyone, whether a practitioner, leader, or teacher, is to respect them in order to live upright.

I am sharing with you a text on these values:

"The Bushido code is the code of conduct for the samurai. It is a set of moral rules that the samurai strove to follow throughout their lives but also their death, because death was as important to them as death. life.

The Bushido code is a code that should ideally be followed by all Japanese martial arts practitioners.

Bushido is:

Basically the way (do) of honor. The transmission is done by word of mouth, more by example than by word of mouth.

The development of moral virtues necessary in life. It is the supreme school of existence.

In this way, men cultivate the virtues of courage, self-control, loyalty and sincerity. It is also the way of detachment.

Gi - Righteousness and justice

Be scrupulously honest with others.

Believe in justice, respect it without expecting it from your neighbors.

Righteousness and justice suffer no compromise in the eyes of the samurai.

There is only Good and Evil.

Rei - Politeness and courtesy

Samurai have no reason to be cruel.

They don't need to prove their strength.

A samurai is courteous, even to his enemies.

Those who neglect these marks of respect are nothing more than animals,

The samurai is not only respected for his bravery in battle, but also for the way he treats others.

The true inner strength of the samurai is revealed in difficult times.

Yu - Eroic Courage

Rise above the mass of those who are afraid to act.

To curl up like a turtle in its shell is not to live.

A samurai must have heroic courage. Take all the risks. Confront the danger. Live life fully, in which it has more marvelous, Heroic courage is not blind. He is made of intelligence and strength.

Replace fear with respect and prudence.

Meiyo - Honor

The samurai is the sole judge of his honor.

Your decisions and their implementation reflect your true nature.

You cannot hide from yourself.

Jin - Compassion

Intense training makes the samurai strong and fast.

He is different from other men.

The power he has acquired must be put to the service of all. He is compassionate.

He helps his fellows in all circumstances.

If the opportunity does not present itself, he has aroused it.

Makato - Total sincerity

When a samurai announces that he is going to take a certain action, it is as if it has already been done.

Nothing will prevent him from accomplishing it.

He does not need to "take an oath" or make "promises".

The verb and the gesture in him come together.

His word is action.

Chu - Duty and loyalty

The samurai who has said or done certain "things" must answer for them and bear all the consequences.

The samurai has an unwavering loyalty to the people for whom he is responsible, an uncompromising loyalty to those for whom he is responsible.

"Life is lighter than a feather, but honor is heavier than a mountain".

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