Morita sensei asked all of the participants of the seminar to repeat the motto of the school after him at the end of the seminar on Sunday June 1st in Chiny.
Takami san promised then to translate the motto (verse) into English  to write in alphabets.
The motto was created and written by Soke Nakamura in the past
It is an idea to remember the motto in Japanese and for all the students to repeat after sensei at the end of every Keiko.
The motto “Shuren no Jo” appears in every volume of SOBU in the bottom part of the reverse side of the front cover. And the 12 important words are picked up and printed in the calendar of NSR in each month.



“SHUREN no JO” by Soke Nakamura


1)How to read and pronounce “Shuren no Jo”


“KONJO to YUUKI o motte RENMA shi”
“FUKUTSU niyotte KOKUFUKU shi”

Takeda ryu Nakamura ha
Soke Nakamura Ichigen Minamoto no Hisamitsu



2)Meaning of the important words :

  • SHUREN : Training
  • JO : Preface


  • SHOSHIN : First intention
  • NINTAI : Patience
  • DORYOKU : Effort
  • KONJO : Guts
  • YUUKI : Courage
  • RENMA : Training and polishing
  • FUKUTSU : Indomitability
  • KOKUFUKU : Conquest
  • KAKAN : Resolute
  • TOKON : fighting spirit
  • KENSAN : Study
  • TAITOKU : Mastery


3)Meaning of the sentence:


Preface of training

“To make effort with the first intention and patience”

“To have training to polish oneself with guts and courage”

“To concur with the indomitability”

“To study and to master with resolute and fighting spirit”


4)Word per month :

Soke puts the important 12 words in each month which are shown in the NSR calendar :

  • January : SHOSHIN
  • February : NINTAI
  • March : DORYOKU
  • April : KONJO
  • May : YUUKI
  • June : RENMA
  • July : FUKUTSU
  • August : KOKUFUKU
  • September : KAKAN
  • October : TOKON
  • November : KENSAN
  • December : TAITOKU

Soke Hisashi Nakamura,
le soke de notre école



Aikido Iaido Jodo Jukenpo Kendo


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