Speech of Valmy Debot Sensei Responsible TAKEDA RYU NSR Excluding Japan (English)

Ladies, ladies and gentlemen,

Mr President of the NSR, ladies and gentlemen of takedabudo, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen responsible for TAKEDABUDO, the European TAKEDABUDO Group thanks you for welcoming us to take your family, traditional Japan, its culture, its martial arts including the TAKEDABUDO NAKAMURA HA.

Through this speech and on behalf of all my colleagues and friends, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us these arts of TAKEDA BUDO NAKAMURA HA as a Legacy.

Thank you for helping us live our passion.

13 years ago already our organization reorganized and returned to the path of BUDO NAKAMURA HA.

At the time, Soke NAKAMURA HISASHI in a spirit of gathering welcomed us in his dojo, in his house! In his traditional dojo in Chiba. In all my life budOKA was for me a dream, a dream of a lifetime, to live and study Budo in the house of the master.

During these 13 years I got to know SHUJI sensei, SOFUE sensei MORITA sensei MATCHUSTA sensei YOSHIDA sensei, ONO sensei, TOYOSHIMA sensei and many other sensei with whom, we European instructors, shared hours and hours of training.

Then it was for SOKE NAKAMURA, the day of the big trip. We accompanied him, we shared this pain that of leaving, when someone we love disappears from our daily life.

Many questions and extrapolations have arisen about the future of our school. The future of our school is fragile. We'll have to go above our sensibilities, our egos, our little jealousies. But we all have the spirit of the samurai who lives in our hearts, I am confident of the success of the future.

In the CODE of bushIDO it is written: When one is in the house of the master, one must look in the same direction. We must all work together to promote TAKEDABUDO in Japan and the rest of the world.

Every year, every time, every time I come to visit and work the BUDO TAKEDA in Japan, I go to the temple of SANKAKUJI, and to the grave of the 47 rônins, I lay a baguette of incense in their honor, but also in honor of a value dear to my y them, I named loyalty, loyalty to the school TAKEDA NAKAMURA HA.

This day is blessed by the gods, for it gives us confidence in the future, trust in the future. The choice to name NAKAMURA sensei SOKE from our school is wise. Within the NSRI this choice is unanimous and accepted by all.

We would like to thank our elders, our sempai, who know better than to guide us to a wonderful future. Thank you

We would like to show our gratitude and our deep understanding as well as our fidelity by two things. Firstly by our presence and the representation of European and African clubs

To mark our loyalty to SHUJI NAKAMURA SOKE I would like to hear our applause from everyone here for 20 seconds.

The king is dead, long live the king, long live soke nakamura.


Thank you for your attention

 Valmy DEBOT

October 27, 2019

Soke Hisashi Nakamura,
le soke de notre école



Aikido Iaido Jodo Jukenpo Kendo


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