Investiture of the new school Soke (English version).

Investiture of the new school Soke (English version).

The year 2019 on October 27th will be a milestone in Takeda Ryu Nakamura School; that day a new era begins that of the new soké shuji Nakamura son of Hisashi Nakamura died in July 2018.

A movement of convergence towards Japan is felt in the world, the leaders of the various clubs head to Tokyo at the invitation of the school Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha.

According to our origins we landed at Haneda or Narita International Airport, we then headed to his hotel, for some of us, we had eight hours of jet lag, it did not affect our desire to start visiting Tokyo. (For my part I decided to go to the temple of 47 ronins located close to my hotel).

Around 17h we found ourselves in the lobby of the hotel and we joined the whole group in a restaurant that was reserved for us to enjoy sushi in a traditional way sitting around a coffee table on the tatami mats. On our way out we went to Shinjuku area and then returned to our hotel. (I was able to find the strength to go to the onsen, hot baths popular in Japan).

Sunday we had free time because the fatigue of the trip made us sleep until late in the morning but we still took the time to visit Tokyo (I decided to visit the city hall of Tokyo and access to the observatory at over 200 meters above sea level but I did not get the chance to see Mount Fuji) We ended up at 5pm at the Metropolitan Hotel venue of the new heir's appointment ceremony.

When we arrived at the hotel we were greeted with kindness and we were able to wear ceremonial kimonos or suit and tie. A welcome coffee was offered during the wait. Shuji Nakamura in person and come to offer us the pins made especially for the event. This pines represents the MON of the Takeda Ryu school, the Sensei okuden shihan received it in gold, the other sensei received it in silver. (This MY was created by Hisashi Nakamura in the 1970s at the new name of the Nippon Sobudo Rengokai School) and has 16 petals meaning the relationship with the imperial family of Japan).

5.30 pm we are invited to enter the room where the investiture ceremony will take place, we were placed on a round tables and an aperitif was offered to us. Then there was a succession of senior school officials and former teachers who trained the current leaders of the organization.

Toyoshima Sensei was the master of ceremonies and commented the whole evening at the microphone the different demonstrations.

Sofué Sensei then began the ceremony of passing the keys of the school to the future soké. He began by performing a saber kata under our eyes to chase away evil spirits, then handed over to the future soké the Takeda School ancestral sword and the school rolls officially handing him the secrets and the whole of the school Takeda Ryu Nakamura ha. It was at this very moment that Shuji Nakamura became the new heir to the school, an intense and rare event that we had the honor to attend. Sensei Valmy Debot Okuden Shihan responsible for the school's business outside Japan is a then expressed in turn.

Speech in summary

In his eloquence, he recalled the journey that has been made to this day, honors the memory of the deceased former soké and praised his spirit of gathering by recalling the dream of a lifetime for non-Japanese practitioners to practice in the dojo of the master in the city of Chiba. He said he was confident in the future of the school and quoted part of the Bushido code where it says that we must all look in the same direction and work together in promoting Takeda Budo in Japan and in Japan. rest of the world. Taking the example of the story of the 47 Ronin tombs on which he does not fail to travel on each trip to Japan to deposit incense, he recalled the values ​​of fidelity that we all owe to Takeda Ryu Nakamura School. Ha. Valmy Debot Sensei continues his speech by saying that this day is blessed by the gods and within the international NSR the choice to appoint Shuji Nakamura future Soké is judicious and unanimous accepted by all. By the presence of many European and African Sensei as well as by the presence of many international clubs, we show our gratitude and our fidelity to the school. A special thank you is also given to the former teachers who have guided us so far. Valmy Debot sensei then handed a gift to the new soké from all the sensei present at the ceremony.

The ceremony is then pursued by breaking the lid of the sake barrel symbolizing fidelity and thus strengthening by drinking together the bonds uniting us.

A lot of demonstration then continued the evening realized by the sensei and the students of the various Japanese clubs present. Mrs. Nakamura mother in the presence is then expressed and her son the new Soké gave him a bouquet of flowers.

The evening then ended with a general photo on stage.


The continuous journey

Monday, day of rest, we all chose visits according to what we did not know about Japan for my part I chose to go to Kofu on the place where is the temple of the samurai family Shingen Takeda in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Tuesday we were expected in the city of Saitama Saitama Sobukan, dojo Sofué Sensei for a course of Jodo and Iaido with the learning of ancient techniques.

The day is concluded with gifts and a meal in a traditional restaurant on tatami mats.

On Wednesday we were expected in the Morita Sensei dojo in Kimitsu town, we first had a meal in town together and Morita sensei joined us with vehicles to drive the whole group to his Nanso Sobukai dojo.

On the program, Batto giri and Shuriken jutsu. The day ended with a traditional Japanese meal before taking us back to the train station direction Tokyo.

Thursday and Friday this time, the appointment is given to the dojo of the new school soké. Matsudo Sobukan. We were greeted by gifts, then we received a Jukenpo and Arbitration course, the next Friday we received an Aikido class and a demonstration of how to maintain his katana. The day ended with a traditional Japanese meal in the dojo.

Saturday at the end of a colorful week and feeling, we returned to our homes and countries, eyes laden with happiness and motivation to share in our dojo our Japanese adventures.

Thank you all for your presence and your trust in our school.


List of non Japanese clubs present

Valmy Debot                 Izel Sobukai                                  Okuden Shihan           Belgique

Corinne Barthélemy      Izel Sobukai                                   Joden Shihan            Belgique

Bernard Dufrêne            Haute Semois Sobukai                 Okuden Shihan          Luxembourg

Xavier Marcinovski        Saint Vincent Sobukai                  Okuden Shihan                      Belgique

Bert Van den Plas           Estonia sobukai                             Okuden Shihan        Estonie

Othman Bouhait             Tanger sobukai                             Okuden Shihan         Maroc

Richard Gillet                  sobukai de Wallonie                    Okuden Shihan                      Belgique

Didier Lorea                   sobukai de Wallonie                    Joden Shihan              Belgique

Saudadier Alain              Vitrolles sobukai                           Joden Shihan                        France

Bruno Granata                Herstal sobukai                             Joden Shihan                       Belgique

Mickael Fernandez        Herstal sobukai                             Shoden Kyohan         Belgique

Gérald Jamesin               Herstal sobukai                             Shoden Aikido         Belgique

Olivier Rousselon           Pamplona sobukai                        Joden Shihan                        Espagne

Raúl Riesco                  Pamplona sobukai                        Chuden Kyohan        Espagne

Nicolas Lefebvre             Basingstoke sobukai                    Chuden Kyohan        Angleterre

Fabien Lecomte              Polynesia sobukai                         Shoden Kyohan       Polynesia

Mario Alonso                 Gran Canaria sobukai                  Chuden Kyohan          Gran Canaria

Jos Geussens                   Bree sobukai                                 Shoden Kyohan     Belgique


Soke Hisashi Nakamura,
le soke de notre école



Aikido Iaido Jodo Jukenpo Kendo


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