Here is Soke’s message for the members of Takeda-ryu Nakamura-ha in Europe, Africa, America


“Grand bonjour" to everyone in Europe, Morocco and America I am NAKAMURA Shuji, Soke of Takeda-ryu Nakamura-ha.

Due to the sudden crisis of Covid-19, the seminar in Belgium in May this year was cancelled. I do imagine that you are oblige to pass your physically as well as mentally difficult life which you have never experienced in the past.

I, myself, am trying to calm myself to keep my patience in Budo way. I am thinking everyday of the members of Takeda-ryu Nakamura-ha in Europe and Morocco.

All what I can say now is the days which we will be able to have Keiko together will definitely come again in the future.

Until that day, please cherish everyday and do not rush

When the society is re-opened, I wish you will focus on Budo Keiko again to try to master Takeda Budo.

Please remember that my spirit is not only with heart of Japanese members but also with the heart of members of Europe, Morocco.andd America.



Soke Hisashi Nakamura,
le soke de notre école



Aikido Iaido Jodo Jukenpo Kendo


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