Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha in Japan


"In the 27th year of the reign of the twelfth TENNO (emperor) by the name of KEIKO (KEIGYO), the KUMASO tribe rebelled. As a result, the heir to the throne, YAMATO TAKERU NO MIKOTO, was sent on an expedition to punish the KUMASO. On his way, he performed a cleansing ceremony at KAMIYO waterfall. He placed his feet on the rocky floor of the waterfall, spread his arms wide, was filled with the power of the spirit and gathered the entire strength of his body in his fingertips. Turning towards heaven, he executed several upward blows, then let his hands drop and struck out powerfully several times with his arms. After the prince had completed these movements, he decided to attack the KUMASO. Disguised as a woman, he crept into the enemy´s camp and there roused the sleeping leader of the KUMASO. When the leader tried to attack him, the prince opened his arms, was filled with spiritual strength and threw the KUMASO leader to the ground, having already snatched his sword from him. This technique of spreading one´s arms and throwing down one´s opponent was the beginning of AIKI. Thereafter, the prince studied diligently and passed on his skills to TAKEDA NO KIMI NO MIKOTO for the protection of the palace."


Ever since YAMATO TAKERU NO MIKOTO was considered as the first ancestor (TAISO) of the TAKEDA SCHOOL. At that time in history is was not named TAKEDA RYU. Later the knowledge of the school passed on to the famous general SHINRA SABURO MINAMOTO NO YOSHIMITSU. Since that moment the School is associated forever with the name of the Minamoto. You can also see that in the school names, which Soke Nakamura, awards to his highest masters. The first summarisation of the techniques, the recording of the instructions of the TAKEDA family started under TAKEDA KAJYA YOSHIKYO (1075-1149) the son of Yoshimitsu.
Therefore TAKEDA KAJYA YOSHIKYO is considered as the first Soke of TAKEDA RYU. Until Soke TAKEDA NOBUTORA (with the school name TOKUSHUSAI) TAKEDA RYU stayed within the TAKEDA family.
1570 he passed on his knowledge to his ninth son TAKEDA KOUZUKENOSUKE NOBUTOMO (with the school name OUSAI). About ten years later NOBUTORA was thrown out of the TAKEDA family by TAKEDA SHINGEN, one of the most famous generals in Japans history. So he went to Suruga to submit under the Shogun IMAGAWA YOSHIMOTO. On the other hand TAKEDA KOUZUKENOSUKE NOBUTOMO passed his knowledge over to his first son TAKEDA KATSUCHYO, who moved to the main island Kyushu to the Kuroda family, because he was afraid of being killed by TAKEDA SHINGEN. He started to teach TAKEDA RYU in secret, which assured the survival of the school.
In the 20th ��ar of the reign of Showa (1945),  Oba Ichio the 43. Soke (his real name was Oba Takeyuki) started to teach Takeda Ryu in public. Until that time the teaching had been in secret.
After the Second World War Master Oba was adviser at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, after he successfully finished the world famous MEJI University.
Soke OBA ICHIO also was tholder of the MENKYO from the Houen Ryu, Kukishin Ryu and the Shito Ryu.

All SOKES (= leaders) of the TAKEDA RYU

Founder Shinra Saburo ( Saburo = third son) Minamoto no Yoshimitsu


  1. Takeda Kajya Yoshikyo
  2. Takeda Kurogenta Kyomitsu
  3. Takeda Tarou Nobuyoshi
  4. Takeda Gorou Nobumitsu
  5. Takeda Kotarou Nobumasa
  6. Takeda Nobutoki
  7. Takeda Nobunaga
  8. Takeda Masatsuna
  9. Takeda Nobuie
  10. Takeda Tokitsuna
  11. Takeda Yaroku Nobumune
  12. Takeda Nobutake
  13. Takeda Gyobudayu Nobunari
  14. Takeda Ujinobu
  15. Takeda Shurinosuke Nobuharu
  16. Takeda Motonobu
  17. Takeda Tarou Nobumitsu (Tarou = first son)
  18. Takeda Tarou Nobushige
  19. Takeda Yasaburou Nobumori
  20. Takeda Nobusuke
  21. Takeda Mototsune
  22. Takeda Nobumasa
  23. Takeda Gorou Nobutsuna
  24. Takeda Nobutora (Tokushusai = budoname)
  25. Takeda Kouzukenosuke Nobutomo (Ousai = budoname)
  26. Takeda Katsuchyo
  27. Takeda Takeou ( or "buo") Nobukatsu
  28. Takeda Nobutaka
  29. Takeda Takayoshi
  30. Takeda Jiro ( JIRO = second son) Kiyokata
  31. Takeda Gorou Nobuhide  (Gorou = fifth son)
  32. Takeda Mitsuharu
  33. Takeda Nobutada Hisamiki (or "Kyukan")
  34. Takeda Teruyo Kogetsuni (= the only woman, the ending NI - stand for a female priest)
  35. Takeda Hisayo Mitsunobu
  36. Takeda Takasumi
  37. Ouhara Masakatsu
  38. Ouhara Mitsumasa
  39. Takeda Masaaki
  40. Takeda Morinosuke  (Ouatsu = budoname)
  41. Takeda Tadakatsu Oudou
  42. Nakamura Aikisai Oukitchi Takeda
  43. Oba Ichio
  44. Nakamura Hisashi ( creation of  the TAKEDARYU NAKAMURA HA )


Proof of origin: Bugei Ryuha Daijiten; Page 534 - 535; 54. Edition year of Shouwa (1979)

Editor: Wataya (Watatani)  Yuki (or Setsu) and Yamada Tadashi

Soke Hisashi Nakamura,
le soke de notre école



Aikido Iaido Jodo Jukenpo Kendo


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